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Thank you, Gabby!

In my previous blog post about the Boston sake tasting, I briefly mentioned Gabby, a local sake sommelier from Milton, MA. For those who were not at our tasting, you may be thinking, "Who is Gabby?", so I would like to give you some information about her, and express my sincere appreciation for her big contribution to my events.

Our first meeting was pretty random: I met her during a sake tasting that she organized in September. Her extensive knowledge about sake was obvious from the start, but what really impressed me was how much she truly LOVED sake! It's not an everyday thing when someone who has never been to Japan knows everything about sake. But she knew every obscure Japanese sake term.

So, I asked her if she could help me out for the tasting, and she agreed!

We worked together since then to prepare for the tasting. Her inspiration and expertise were so necessary, as Yuichi simply could not come over to chat since he was 10,000 miles away!

Gabby is a manager at a store called Craft & Cru, in Milton, MA. They stock sake at the store under her watchful eyes. In the U.S., not every store keeps Japanese sake correctly. It makes me sad to see some bottles are kept near the windows in direct sunlight, or they are being sold even though they have passed the prime of their best taste. When I saw refrigerated sake shelves at Craft & Cru, I quietly whispered to myself, "Yes!"

Thank you, Gabby, for your support. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

Craft & Cru

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