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About Us


When I take friends and family members to some of my favorite off-the-beaten-path places in Japan, I love seeing their eyes sparkle with amazement and hearing their delighted gasps when they experience something new and amazing. Over the years, this has been such a joyous experience for me.


Today, the question I ask myself is how can I bring this joy to others. This is the essence of  Kojima Travel Consulting. When we  plan your trip, we do it with the same love and attention we use when helping those closest to us. We genuinely value and care for our customers with our whole hearts. 


The mission of Kojima Travel is to provide an exclusive and tailor-made travel experience to truly unique and authentic destinations in Japan with professionalism, personal attention and honesty.  Whether you are traveling to the northernmost point of Cape Soya in Hokkaido or to the southernmost island of Hateruma in Okinawa, we make sure you have a memorable experience that you will remember for a lifetime!

Yuki Matsubara Dane


Japan National Tourism Organization

Certified Travel Specialist

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