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Niigata Sake Lovers

As I mentioned in my Boston tasting blog, Tomomi Duquette flew from Niigata to join Yuichi Yamagishi and help out with our tastings.

Tomomi is the founder of "Niigata SAKE Lovers". After Yuichi introduced me to Tomomi for the first time, I gradually started to learn about her and her organization, which aims to bring people from all over the world together, to share and enjoy the culture of sake. This perfectly overlaps with my effort to introduce Niigata sake to American tourists. The common goal that we share is undeniable.

I am very sure that every participant in both Boston and New York felt her energy, creativity, and passion, like I did. The success of our tasting in Boston and New York would not have been possible without her, Yuichi, and Gabrielle.

I may not be totally wrong to say that we all became "Niigata Sake Lovers" after the evening of sipping delicious sake with her!

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