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Niigata Sake Tasting in New York City

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

After the exciting Boston tasting, Yuichi, Tomomi, Doug (my husband) and I travelled to host another tasting in New York on Monday, December 3rd. While driving, I thought about the advice that I received from some sake experts and producers about hosting sake tasting for general public. They were mostly positive and encouraging, but I was politely told that convincing a top sake sommelier to come to the U.S. would be very difficult. "Yuki, you need to be more realistic." They were totally right. I could not find anybody who was highly qualified for weeks. I was about to give up because of so many rejections. Then I remembered reading an article about a sake master in a magazine that I picked up at Tokyo Station in July. The person in the article was Yuichi, who was the 2017 Niigata champion and a sake master. I decided to reach and and thankfully, he agreed to come to help me!

I still don't know why he came. My husband asked him, but he smiled and did not say anything. Probably, I will never find out. But, that's okay. Because of this encounter, I was able to serve delicious Niigata sakes to my New York City and Boston customers. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to have everyone there!

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