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Niigata Sake Tasting in Boston

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

On December 1st, Kojima Travel Consulting sponsored a sake tasting with two renowned Japanese sake masters, Yuichi Yamagishi and Tomomi Duquette. Also Gabrielle Morriseau, another very skilled sake sommelier from Craft & Cru in Milton, MA, joined the team. It was a sold out event with 38 participants. While we sipped different sakes that were carefully paired with appetizers, we experienced sake's umami, aroma, and taste. After the event, several participants told me they learned so much about sake and wanted to go to Niigata to try more!

During the event, we tried 8 different sakes including a number of rare sakes as bonus samplers. More than a few people said that they were pleasantly surprised by the taste of Kanbara Ancient Treasure Junmai Yamahai Genshu Koshu. This sake was aged for 10 years to achieve a strong brandy-like taste. I thought it was quite possible that many people would shy away from the complexity and intensity of the sake, but it was quite the opposite! For many people, this was their first time drinking aged sake, but everyone was eager; the bottles emptied fast!

It was an amazing evening with delicious Niigata sakes. Thank you to all those came to share this very special evening together!

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